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ZoomerBoomer offers military themed Original and Reproduced Art,  Greeting Cards, Posters, Collectables, Photography, Clothing and other works  inspired by those who serve our nation on Land, at Sea, and in the Air and Space in defense of our Freedom and Democracy as embodied in that most extraordinary document, "The Constitution of the United States of America"

Most of the Images offered are available as beautiful and original greeting cards and in other formats, but to fully appreciate the stunning detail, bold form,  and quality of the images they are best seen in large sizes.

ZoomerBoomer was created by Sherman Rattner to honor the courage, dedication and duty  of the Men and Women of the Armed Forces.  Beginning on 911 the Men and Women of our Police, Fire, and Emergency Services also found themselves on the front lines of the War on Terror.  ZoomerBoomer seeks to honor their service as well.


Sherman Rattner's direct style of military themes is like a portrait of a noble figure  in which the gleam in the eyes and the slight turn of the mouth serves as a window into their soul and the essence of their personality.

As with a portrait his images strive to go beyond the machines themselves in order to give us a glimpse into the people behind the machines: those who designed, built, support and ultimately take them into battle.

Sherman's work is not about War. It is about the men and women we as a nation  ask to make  the greatest sacrifice during the most difficult times so the rest of us are able to live free.

His work transcends conventional military art and by its form, shape, color and composition becomes fine art worthy to be in anyone's collection.  


In addition to his own work ZoomerBoomer also shows the work of other Artists and Classic works the  recognizes the courage, honor, and service of all those who have served our nation in defense of freedom and democracy.


Sherman Rattner was born in Brooklyn, New York and named after his cousin Sherman Klein who was a crewman on a B-17 that was lost just weeks before the end of the War in Europe.

During WWII Sherman's Father worked at building the illustrious D-3's - "The Gooney Bird", the plane that helped carry and supply millions of soldiers throughout the War.

While he was still seventeen he enlisted in the Air Force.   His four years of service included a year in the Vietnam Theater.  After the Air Force he studied Architecture at the City College of the City University of New York and the University of Liverpool, England.

His brother also enlisted in the Air Force and eventually retired as a Colonel after more then 20 years of service.  In continuance of the families Air Force tradition, his nephew is now a Colonel and Squadron Commander who flies F-15E's.

For more then 30 years Sherman has been engaged in various aspects of the design and the creative process. Zoomerboomer is the culmination of his love of flight and his high regard and respect for all those who have served our nation in all branches of service in defense of our freedom and democracy.



It's not about war. Its about the people we send to war.


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